Personal Potion - large bottle

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I'm so pleased to be able to offer this new creation for you all. For years I have collected beautiful and rare bottles, and made effective and very magickal potions for loved ones, clients, friends, most often human, but sometimes for animals, too. Now I'm combining the two loves together, in the form of a beautiful and very powerful potion blend, made for you, with your input.

You will receive:

A gorgeous decorative bottle

A 25-ml apothecary bottle filled with your own personally blended potion, which you will transfer to the magickal bottle to seal the spell.

Clear and simple instructions on its use.

Potions are an ancient form of magick which work - over many years  I have witnessed their ability to shift and clear, enhance and draw energies - and when I create yours, I will do so with pure organic ingredients, charged crystals, home grown herbs, the best timing possible, and an abundance of powerful, clear and loving energy.

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