Spellcraft – magick in action, magick with results, magick that changes

Lucy works with the elements during a spellcastingA spell is a prayer in action. It is an active way of manifesting. A SPELL is Sacred Purposeful Energy using Love and Light.

We can also manifest whatever we don’t want, because it is where we put our thoughts and our energies that we manifest. If ever we want a snapshot of the state of our mind, we simply need to look at our lives. What have we created? We can either use the magic of our creative power for our good, to improve our lives and create happiness and health, or we can remain stubborn and insist that it is simply the way life is, and create our own downward spiral.

Life can be challenging. That is the nature of incarnating and being alive. We are here to learn lessons, to become who we are meant to be, and we go through tests. Just as magickal practitioners are tested, your entire life can also be viewed in this way too. Once we shift our attitude however, what we once saw as terrible, unfair and harsh circumstances can be viewed as lessons, teachers and opportunities.

We are human, and being human is a beautiful gift. Which is the difficulty. We always manifest. We are always spellworking, every second of the day, whether that is our intention or not. Every word we speak is a spell. Spellworking for the highest good of all is our mission as white magical practitioners.

The magical law of three times three

The law of the threefold return is perhaps the most important ethic of working white magic. The number three is very powerful. It symbolizes the sending out, the manifestation, and then the returning karmic influence – the three important steps of casting a spell.
This means that whatever you send out in spellwork will come back to you to the power of three. This is a natural law that is a basis of all life – the law of cause and effect – and it’s a wonderful incentive to keep your intentions as high as possible. By obeying this natural law, you will be creating positive experiences for yourself and others.
And be assured that positive magic brings about the most powerful results of all. When you wish for fulfilling, loving experiences, and are mindful of your thoughts and actions, always seeking to go for the highest possible choice, for the greatest good of all, you will reap far more benefits than if you are thinking in old, negative patterns.

So what is a spell?

A spell can be as simple as sitting somewhere peaceful and wishing something – sending your desire out into the universe – or as complex and beautiful as you want. Some spells are worked over a month (one moon cycle), and involve a long list of magical ingredients, like herbs, incense, essential oils, coloured candles, ribbons, a rhyme or written invocation and the blessing of a certain God or Goddess.

How to work magic

* Take loving responsibility for your spellworking.

* Centre and ground your energy prior to spellcasting, using meditation, releasing, cleansing or physical exercise.

* Cleanse your auric field and chakras. Bathing by blue or white candlelight, burning in a circle of salt, will cleanse your energy field and that of the room you are working within. Breathing in a colour can work too. Imagine that with each breath you take, the air you are inhaling is beautiful, white and purifying, or pink, the colour of unconditional love, or blue, that of balance and harmony and grace, or green, for healing, abundance and prosperity, or violet, for spirit and psychic power, and so on.

* Nurture yourself. The purpose of spells is to bring about positive change for the good of all – ALL! The universe itself is included in that, and so are you. As everything is connected – as above, so below; as within, so without – it is necessary to care for yourself in order to create the most beneficial outcome for all. This means gentle regular exercise, healthful organic foods, eating consciously and avoiding foods and substances that can lower your energy (fast food, alcohol and coffee for example).

* Sleep well.

* Allow your body to receive and be healed by some sunlight and moonlight each day. But don’t get burnt.

* Trust in your inner self. Claim your power for yourself, and know you are the ultimate source of love and authority in your life.

* Actively create love in your life. Smiling at people, patting a dog, meditating and sending love to the planet will all raise your own personal vibration.

* Breathe fresh air. Every breath we take is a gift from the planet’s trees. Please contribute by planting trees, nurturing plants or simply sending them love. When you do this you are also supporting the elementals and their realm. And if you smoke, try to stop – there are many other ways to use the element of fire in our lives, in far more healthful ways. You need the vibrational energy of fresh clean air – polluted air is hard for sensitive people like us to cope with without respite.

* Finally, before casting circle, simply visualize a beautiful circle of white light which you are standing within. It has no breaks, no place where it can be penetrated. Around this, if you wish, you may place a circle of blue fire, added protection for those of us who feel we need it.