Walking With White Magick

Walking With White MagickWalking the magickal path is a joy, and one which connects us deeply with life, and love, and the wonderful cycles of our beautiful planet. It is empowering, but it also carries with it deep responsibilities; among them, to be ethical, respectful and to live, speak, and walk in integrity.


It is not a path for those who wish to dominate another, or who wish to ignore or remain blind to their own nature, conditioning, blessings and challenges. Nor is magick for those who wish to take more than they need. For true magick is at its heart about harmony, and about balance. Magick will reveal all of who you are, and in that revelation and honesty, balance, strength, joy and wisdom can be found, and worked with for your own self, and for others. Beauty, love, health, trust and acceptance are all side-effects of this wonderful path.


I am an eclectic witch (a practitioner who draws from a variety of belief systems and magickal traditions) who works with others, but most often as a solitary. I work with the word “witch” because its root meaning is to “change or bend” and “wisdom”. Thus I see witchcraft as being a path of change and manifestation, from natural sources, and in harmony with natural cycles, and with awareness of the Laws of the Universe – which, to me, are wisdom incarnate.


I create workshops, and give a great deal of my time to speaking and teaching about witchcraft, which in my view is the ancient and indigenous path of Western Europe. It is consistently being reworked and recreated and my own experience has taught me it can be a very balanced path that acknowledges the earth and the heavens, and gives us the freedom to explore safely our full potential.

I call my path “white magick” to clearly differentiate it from those who practise black magick. I am not, though, denying the power of the dark and the light – they are, to me, quite separate things to “black magick” which is magick with malintent, that interferes with the free will of another, and which harms others, not simply humans, but all beings sharing the planet, and our Universe.

I believe our energetic patterns hold much of who we are, and that the quality of our energy will determine the quality of our physical, emotional, and mental lives.

I believe malice, indulgence in anger and acts of cruelty to be forms of illness and disease.
I believe tuning in to spirits and energies, sensing, feeling and hearing faeries, Gods and Goddesses, spirit guides and angels to be signs of an awakened human being, or sentient being.

It’s challenging to label what I do, as I draw upon my personal experience, my practise which is ever evolving, and lessons life is teaching me. I am an eclectic witch, a pagan, and a mystic.

Each magickal practitioner works a little differently to another. I am well-versed in Wicca, but I am not technically Wiccan, as I have not been initiated into a particular order like the Alexandrian or the Gardnerian. However, I am self-initiated, and have a strong code of personal ethics and beliefs which have served me well, and are great barometers of what is just, and good.

But some things I believe have remained constant, and they are.

*Reverence for the earth and the systems we live within and with are paramount. These include the environment and the galactic web.

* Balance and kindness bring about healthy selves and environments.

*Everything is connected.

*Respect for the free will of others is essential.

*Acknowledgement of the principles of psychology and the power of the intellect and information to empower and heal, or restrict and harm, depending on its usage will help my magick evolve.

*I believe in the impact of past lives and in our ability to heal and create wisdom from our previous incarnations.

*I believe we are all ever-evolving (I prefer the term evolving to the current term ascending, as this implies hierachies and a sense of the earth being a less-wonderful place than the “heavens).

*As Above, so Below, as within, so without.

*Communication with guides, and deities, and faery beings is real.

*A practical and constructive approach to my craft and to my teaching of it is my goal, and my achievement.

*Fair and honourable dealings with all is my creed.

*I will protect myself and others when necessary by removing the causes of poisonous situations and relationships, without malice or anger.

*To act out of my wisdom, not react from my woundings, is my goal.

*I wish to acknowledge my great teachers, the influence of my ancestry, the land, and the elements. I honour Life, and fully commit to her.

*I believe in the divinity of men and women.

*A shamanic and Druidic influence flavours my work. I have visited many countries, and have always found much to wonder at, be inspired by, and similarities that take my breath away. I believe all have something worthwhile and nourishing to teach us.

*Spellwork and ritual work that empowers, clears, protects, balances and guides.

*Responsible and ethical workings.

*Do as you will, but harm ye none I take most earnestly.

*We all have choices, and are responsible for our lives and their quality.

*I believe a challenge can become our greatest teacher.

*I believe, above all, that we are blessed to be here. My purpose is to help awaken people to that truth.