Ethics Of Witchcraft

True witches live by example. There are many different types of witches and pagans, and many work their magick and practice their craft with love, compassion and understanding, and aim to live with integrity, courage, strength and self-mastery. We don’t preach or try to convert people, we simply help others develop respect for our path by living it well, with strength, beauty, laughter and dignity.

Always feel strong and able to be who you are – you do not need to twist and turn in order to fit in. You are who you are. Witches can assist you in expressing the pure essence of your unique and divine true self.

When you create the workings suggested here, you will begin to activate your innate energetic white magic, and as you move forward through this series of magical tasks you will integrate these revived skills into your new self. Keep a journal – your Book of Shadows and Light – about what you do and what happens when you do it. Record your feelings, your thoughts, and any ideas that come to your mind.

Walk Your Talk

White magical practitioners care for the planet and its people. They are also aware of their surroundings at all times. It doesn’t matter where you live either – witchcrafting can be undertaken in the biggest city or the most remote country hideaway. Connect to the place you live and learn its secrets.

Exercise: Take one hour (or more!) each week and devote it to healing the earth. Pick up rubbish, recycle, use environmentally-friendly products to clean your house, grow your own food, eat organically, find alternatives to pesticides for your garden, and educate yourself about the karmic history of your area. What has happened where you live? How can you be part of its healing?

Take Responsibility

Witches engage in responsible white magical work to integrate our energy with that of the earth and the universe. We explore our magical selves and respect the privacy and wishes of others at all times – we never interfere with another’s free will. When thinking of how you are expressing yourself magically and thus energetically, always come from the position of what would be best for all concerned, for the highest good of all.

Exercise: Consider times in your life when you may have crossed a personal boundary. Ponder how you can respect others yet still express yourself in powerful, sacred ways. Could you have done anything differently? How did the other person feel? What would you wish others to do for you?

Respect All People

We honour men and women, at birth, as children, as young adults, as mothers and fathers and as wise ones and crones. We understand and honour every path of life, knowing that each step of our journey is a unique lesson.

Exercise: Connect with an age group you rarely have contact with. Ask them about their lives and listen to what they have to say. Consider their experience and see the world through their eyes. What can they teach you?

Respect nature

Magickal practitioners following a healthy path love the natural world. We do not claim superiority over any other being: we see nature as a deity giving birth to beings: two-leggeds, fourleggeds, flying ones, and the ones who live within the earth and under the waters of her oceans and waterways. We are custodians and have a responsibility to respect, conserve and revere nature. We are brothers and sisters, and all life is sacred.

Making your magick practical: make a donation to a foundation whose work you respect and admire, like Sea Shepherd, or Greenpeace, reduce your consumption of industrial power, focus you attention and walk gently on this earth. Think about what you consume, eat, wear. Contribute. What would be for the Greater Good? Then act.